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Die the death I have created for you.


Demonis Warlord
Portrayer AOH
Physical description
Age 13 (Season 2)
14 (Season 3)
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color {{{eyes}}}
Personal information
Allies DinoQueen13, Bendo, Rayne, RayneHaos, AgentZ, Firestormblaze, Kyleronco, more...
Enemies Firestormblaze, LordMagma, Aquos Rules, Savage-Darkus, Jacob Reign, DarkusMaster84, more...
Weapon of choice Bakugan
  • Tenscythe
Main attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos
21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Guardian Bakugan Haos Strikeflier

Subterra "Huntress"
Darkus "Shade"
Pyrus "Prometheus"
Aquos "Nike"
Ventus Strikeflier

Chronological and political information
Position *2nd brawler in Attribute United
  • lead advisor to Liberation
Aliases AOH
Affiliation Attribute United
First Appearance Lightning Strikes
Themes Let's Go
Current level: 840


His personality can be rather strange. He is normally rather well tempered, but is quick to anger, and dangerous when angered. He is also known for having a careless attitude as well as sometimes a childish one. Airzel comes off as haughty and prideful. He considers himself a god/king and makes every attempt to act like one.

Characteristics Edit

Airzel's reputation as a brawler, is that he will try to win by any available means. He is also the #2 brawler in Attribute United and lead advisor to Liberation. He is know as being technically advanced, being able to easily work with tools. Airzel is a strategist, known for changing his strategy depending on attribute while using the exact same cards and Bakugan he used on the last person. He is the self appointed "Master of all Strikefliers", so if you have a Strikeflier related question, ask him. His guardian Bakugan, going with his title, is his beloved Haos Strikeflier, whom goes by H. He was born on June 27, and is 14.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Wait a minute, you are actually good? SINCE WHEN?!"
  • "... KINDA BUSY."
  • "Why should I care? Why should you care? Why should anyone care? AHAHA, as if anyone would."
  • "Go away. Now. Go far away. The other side of the earth would be nice. WAIT, NO, go to NASA and see if they can help you get far enough away from me for me not to be annoyed."
  • "I didn't read it because it was BORING. Duh."
  • "Do you really want to make me angry?"
  • "Your move hot shot."
  • "Hey, will you wait for me? I honestly don't care, I just wanted to know if you would. It means a lot."
  • "Wait a minute ... WHAT JUST HAPPENED HERE?!"
  • "I would like to remind you that if you begin this chess match, you will die."
  • "Give me one reason why I shouldn't fill this beautiful goblet with your blood right now."

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Demonis LinkEdit

Due to AOH being the owner and partner of a Demonis Bakugan, Demonis Shade, he has the ability to use any attacks or defenses that Shade would be able to use. He also has the ability to use the BakuNano Tenscythe and grow a pair of Demon-esque wings.


  • Demonis Nano Tenscythe



Rayne is one of Airzel's brothers.


Sarah is one of Airzel's many sisters.


Briana is Airzel's sister.


Amica is Airzel's sister.


Kelly is Airzel's sister.





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