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2011-09-27 2013
Portrayer Baku-Cool
Debut episode Power of The Sky (BWT)
Physical description
Age 13 (Bakugan: Wind Tamer), 15 (2014 Reboot)
Gender Male
Skin tone Tanned (slightly)
Hair color Orange
Eye color Brown
Personal information
Friends Splice, Firestormblaze, Aquos Rules, SaberX, Kyleronco, LordMagma, Valentin, Kodokor12, Ina, Darkusinfinity99, Barcibal
Enemies Darkus Destroyer, Airzel-of-Haos, Ventus Killer, Sir Destruction, Dark Ice, Bendo, more...
Special Powers BC can make tornadoes
Guardian Bakugan(s) Ventus Splice
Main Battle Attribute(s) Hurricanian SymbolHurricanian Ventus
Main Battle Adversary Ventus Killer
Chronological and political information
Seasons Involved with All BWT seasons
Nicknames BC
Ventus Master


Alias(es) King of Wind
Theme Song The Lost Children
Baku-Cool is a minor protagonist in Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows. His Bakugan is Splice, a Ventus Splight. He stars in Bakugan: Wind Tamer and Bakugan: Return of The Wind Tamer. BC is the brother of Aquos Rules. He is loyal to the Hurricanian Squad and Hurricanos.


BC is kinda weird, more polite than other characters. Some refer him to "goody good" because he is so polite and respectful. Lots of people find it weird, but he is unaffected by such criticism. BC also gets nasty during battle and is a killer brawler, earning him a spot in the World Cup. BC's favorite 3 Bakugan are Core, Slash and Spatterix. BC eventually grows out of his goody good ways. BC also has an extreme mood-swinging trend. This brawler also puts his Bakugan into groups.


BC is quite a "ladies man" and is reasonably good looking. BC also has a large ego.

Physical DescriptionEdit

BC is quite tall like his brother, and stands at 2 meters tall (6ft 6in). BC is more physically imposing however, and worked hard to get muscular, so that he wouldn't grow up, to be too skinny. He has brown eyes and a fair skin tone.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Er, yeah about that... I don't show mercy in battle"
  • "Brawlin' is what I do"
  • "Hey, don't cuss. It's naughty!"
  • "I hate making others do what I want..."
  • "Splice is the best"
  • "K, I'll chill"
  • "Just shut up already..."
  • "Killer, GIVE UP"


Bakugan: Wind TamerEdit

He will debut in episode 1.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

BC can create a tornado when he spins around fast, but gets dizzy as a fatigue.


BC has no weapons, but awesome other things.


BC has many Bakugan, with most of them being Ventus.




For information, see Baku-Cool/Relationships.






  • In the Anime, his hair is moss green.
  • BC has a love for partying too.
  • Coincedentally, more than half of his MechFrames are 3rd Generation.
  • BC is a keen actor, and has used it to escape several dangers, when he has no Bakugan by his side.