We have just begun our attack. Unless you hand over the boy, we will destroy everything you know.


Come To Me, Soldier
Come To Me- Soldier
Season  ?
Episode Number 1
Preceeded By
Followed By Power Through Pain
Come To Me, Soldier is episode 1 of ?.


As a time of peace has finally come to the Brawlers of the world, a new tournament has started, called the Dimensional Gate Tournament. After a massive win streak and rise to fame, one of the foremost brawlers, AOH, has gone missing as well as his partner Bakugan, Shade. Winx and Neos start searching for him, but the search is interrupted by a mysterious brawler named Averin who claims to be a Demonian soldier sent by his master to destroy Interspace. He then challenges the duo to a brawl, in which he defeats them with ease using Demonis Krakix and Demonis Bolcanon, which are equipped with the mysterious "Triad Armor". Stunned by the sheer power of Krakix, Neos and Winx call in backup, but before they can arrive in the arena, Averin disappears claiming that this is only the beginning.

Character Debut/ReturnsEdit

Bakugan SeenEdit

Triad Armor Pieces SeenEdit

  • TAP-021, Krakix Gauntlets (Demonis Krakix)
  • TAP-103, Bolcanon Torso (Demonis Bolcanon)
  • TAP-109, Krakix Torso (Demonis Krakix)


Winx and FinalNeos VS. Averin = Averin Wins