Goddess Of Necromancy
Type Darkus Hecate
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Gender Female
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Power 1500 G
Variations Hecate
Phantom Hecate
Cursed Hecate
Infinite Hecate
Brawler Selene
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Hecate is Selene's Guardian Bakugan.


Hecate is cunning, fast, and intelligent. She is second best to no one at necromancy, which gave her the title "Goddess of Necromancy". Hecate uses strong strategies and tactics to demolish her opponents.


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Ability CardsEdit

  • Darkus Impurification: Non-Pure Darkus Bakugan lose this round, and cannot be played in the next rounds. Darkus Bakugan other than Hecate lose Gs equal to the Gs of the Bakugan that automaticly lost this round.
  • Infinite Necromancy: Summons Advanced Infinity Helios and Advanced Infinity Trister, doubles their Gs, then allows all Bakugan on the user of this ability to take a turn. After five turns, Advanced Infinity Helios and Advanced Infinity Trister's Gs are doubled and given to Hecate. A.I.H. and A.I.T. are then taken out of this round. This ability cannot be negated, prevented, escaped, and the opponent cannot prevent Hecate from using it, etc, in any way.
  • Titan Summoner-Darkus Necromancy: Summons any Advanced Mechtogan the user of this ability wishes.
  • Slash & Burn: Doubles Hecate's Gs, then subtracts Gs from the opponent equal to Hecate's Gs. The opponent then loses 500 Gs every turn.
  • Darkus Demise: Other Darkus Bakugan may not activate any abilities for five turns.
  • Mindless Slaughter: All alied Bakugan automaticlly lose this round, and their Gs before they lost are doubled and subtracted from the opponent.
  • Catastrophe

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • Maximum Havoc
  • Midnight Mistress
  • Nightmare Charge


  • Though Hecate seems to be a Coredom, this is not her real form. She can shape-shift, and seems to find her Coredom form to be one of her best.


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